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Document "Foot and mouth disease: vaccination revisited": English Abstract
Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious and devastating disease affecting livestock. EU strategy for controlling FMD outbreaks has relied heavily on mass culling, not only of diseased animals and known (or likely) contacts, but also of animals vaccinated as an emergency containment measure. Today, proposed changes in Union legislation make room for reduced culling, combined with emergency vaccination (with marker vaccines) and subsequent screening for residual infection. In order to implement this approach, there remain knowledge and technology gaps to be filled.
· FMD_ImproCon will improve monitoring and outbreak control which will help the EU maintain the trust of trade partners and its ‘FMD-free status without vaccination’
· It will give scientific support to a ‘vaccinate-to-live’ strategy, the results of which may help shape evolving EU and international FMD control policy
· The project will develop tools and knowledge for responding to various societal concerns, such as farmers’ interests in protecting the livestock, as well as the animal welfare concerns of the public

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