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Document "Measuring the impact of agricultural trade liberalisation": English Abstract
Agricultural trade liberalisation in the Mediterranean region will have an impact on EU Member States. It is likely to lead to increased EU imports of fruits, vegetables and olive oil, while Union exports of cereals, meats and milk products from Europe to the non-Union Mediterranean countries will grow. Modelling can be used to examine some scenarios, but factors such as seasonality, customs rules and the sheer variety of produce make it difficult to estimate and describe the impact of increased fruit and vegetable imports.
· The project will help the EU to design compensation schemes for farmers and agricultural areas that are adversely affected by liberalisation.
· The project will be able offer estimates of how much compensation schemes would cost and how they would compensate for lost production and income.
· Knowing the potential impact of such changes will be useful when negotiating free trade agreements with Mediterranean countries.

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