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Document "ICSTI Statement on Strategic Technology Platforms": English Abstract
The Irish Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (ICSTI) has prepared this Statement as a follow up to its Technology Foresight exercise, completed in 1999, which led to Ireland’s focused investment in research in the areas of information and communications technology (ICT) and biotechnology. In this Statement, ICSTI proposes the development of Strategic Technology Platforms as a mechanism to improve the effectiveness of research investment and its strategic direction. Critically, this mechanism includes a central role for enterprise, which represents a novel approach to strategic Research and Development (R&D) planning in Ireland. This is particularly important, given the ambitious targets set for Ireland in the recent Irish Action Plan for Promoting Investment in R&D to 2010 (Forfás, 2004). The proposal aims to foster continuity in the Technology Foresight process and to build on the initial achievements of that process in the context of the current science, technology and innovation (STI) and enterprise environments.

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