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My rights Perspectives on oral health care  

My rights 1,1,1-Trichloroethane - Evaluation of the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity  

My rights Talc. Evaluation of the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity  

My rights Towards an adequate intake of vitamin A  

My rights Undernutrition in the elderly  

My rights Ethical and Regulatory Challenges to Science and Research Policy at the Global Level  

My rights Towards responsible research and innovation in the information and communication technologies and security technology fields  

My rights Medical Enhancement - Abstract  

My rights Synthetic Biology - a discussion paper  

My rights Organ Donation - Ethical Deliberations and Recommendations (2008) - Abstract  

My rights The Future of Prenatal Diagnosis - Abstract  

My rights End of Life (2006)
Ethical challenges and dilemmas at the end of life. A series of three publications in Danish made into one English version. Themes: Spiritual care for the dying. Treating the dying - the difficult decisions. Euthanasia - legalizing killing on request?

My rights A fair compensation. Considerations for a proposal to give living kidney donors priority for transplantation.  

My rights Academia Europaea position paper on the situation of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe  

My rights Treating the effects of child abuse  

My rights Medical benefits and costs in healthcare: The normative role of their evaluation  

My rights Methyl methacrylate. Health-based recommended occupational exposure limit  

My rights Acetone - Evaluation of the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity  

My rights 4-Methoxyphenol - Evaluation of the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity  

My rights Refractory ceramic fibres - Evaluation of the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity.  

My rights Population screening for cervical cancer  

My rights Q fever: risk of transmission via blood or other body material  

My rights Health risks caused by plant protection products in agriculture: the use of research among residents  

My rights Antibiotics in food animal production and resistant bacteria in humans  

My rights Guidelines for a healthy diet: the ecological perspective  

My rights Responsible Research Innovation  

My rights Medical products: new and needed! An investment strategy for research into innovative and relevant medical products.  

My rights Work Programme 2011 Health Council of the Netherlands  

My rights Asbestos: Risks of environmental and occupational exposure  

My rights Human biobanks for research  

My rights Anonymous relinquishment of infants: tackling the problem  

My rights For fat and thin. Prevention of overweight and obesity and the risk of eating disorders.   quality control: 1 responses

My rights Fitness to drive in epilepsy  

My rights Fitness to drive. Proposal for some changes in the Regeling eisen geschiktheid 2000  

My rights Indoor air quality in primary schools  

My rights Advisory letter Vitamin K supplementation in infants  

My rights Doping in unorganised sports  

My rights Give and take? Human bodies in medicine and research.  

My rights Long-term effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields; Assessment of the study of D. Adang  

My rights Care for the unborn child  

My rights Neonatal screening for cystic fibrosis  

My rights He who pays the piper calls the tune?  

My rights Proton radiotherapy. Horizon scanning report  

My rights Energy Drinks  


My rights Understanding Public Debate on Nanotechnologies- Options for Framing Public Policy  

My rights Work Programme 2010 Health Council of the Netherlands  

My rights Cyclic acid anhydrides - Health-based recommended occupational exposure limit  

My rights Autism spectrum disorders: A lifetime of difference  

My rights A national colorectal cancer screening programme  

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