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My rights Harmonising water quality sampling and screening methods  

My rights New antiviral drugs and diagnostics to tackle SARS  

My rights The development of new SARS vaccines and therapies  

My rights Improved tools for detecting quarantine organisms  

My rights Reducing the SARS threat with new therapies and diagnostic tests  

My rights Public health: fighting infectious diseases across Europe  

My rights Opening up Europe’s buildings to people of limited mobility  

My rights Relationships between ecological and chemical status of surface waters  

My rights Extending the reach and range of access to the information society  

My rights Defending cultural heritage against climate change  

My rights Working out health benefits and costs in Europe  

My rights Developing environment indicators for assessing fishery management  

My rights Ecosystem conservation and fisheries management through Marine Protected Areas  

My rights Predicting the impacts of agricultural policy, dynamically and spatially  

My rights Towards more accurate crime statistics  

My rights Short-circuiting the criminals  

My rights Swine fever: vaccinating wild boars to keep pigs healthy  

My rights Farming around the Mediterranean  

My rights Assessing the impact of agricultural policy change in the enlarged European Union  

My rights Harmonised environmental indicators for predicting pesticide risk  

My rights A holistic approach to mapping and modelling noise pollution  

My rights Harmonising bio-waste and soil sampling and analysis  

My rights Optimising air quality information for policy-makers  

My rights Assessing changes to Europe’s agricultural policies  

My rights Key factors influencing economic relationships and communication in European food chains  

My rights Sustainable regional development: tools for decision-making  

My rights How intellectual property rights can support sustainable development  

My rights Research – the standard bearer of European competitiveness  

My rights Tax-benefit systems for growth and employment  

My rights EU speeds up hunt for illicit drug manufacturers  

My rights Towards a better understanding of organised crime in Europe  

My rights Ecosystem conservation and fisheries management through Marine Protected Areas  

My rights Environmental and socio-economic effects of aquaculture  

My rights Key genetic characteristics to improve selective fish breeding for disease resistance  

My rights Learning more about the transfer of pathogens in the sea  

My rights Indicators for a knowledge-based economy  

My rights Understanding shocks to the financial system  

My rights Updating the ICES Atlas of North Sea Fishes  

My rights Maximising the value of EU-funded fishery research  

My rights Figuring out industrial productivity in the European Union  

My rights Gauging the impact of ‘green’ tax reforms on competitiveness  

My rights A research base for competition law making  

My rights Use of antiviral agents and other measures in an influenza pandemic  

My rights Modelling the transmission of the SARS virus  

My rights Foot and mouth disease: vaccination revisited  

My rights Getting to grips with urban environment indicators  

My rights Measuring the impact of agricultural trade liberalisation  

My rights Assessing sustainable battery options for electric vehicles  

My rights Modelling the prospects for hydrogen and energy policy  

My rights Joining forces against (para)tuberculosis in livestock  

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