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My rights A fair compensation. Considerations for a proposal to give living kidney donors priority for transplantation.  

My rights Academia Europaea position paper on the situation of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe  

My rights Fitness to drive. Proposal for some changes in the Regeling eisen geschiktheid 2000  

My rights Long-term effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields; Assessment of the study of D. Adang  

My rights Risk-benefit considerations of mitigation measures on acrylamide content of foods - A case study on potatoes, cereals and coffee  

My rights Functional foods - From science to health and claims  

My rights Structure-based Thresholds of Toxicological oncern (TTC): Guidance for Application to Substances Present at Low Levels in the Diet  

My rights Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) - A tool for assessing substances of unknown toxicity present at low levels in the diet  

My rights Recontamination as a Source of Pathogens in Processed Foods - A Literature Review  

My rights Pesticides in food: assessing the risk to children  

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