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My rights Obesity. Assessment and the evaluation of obesity prevention and management programs  

My rights Hearing Deficits. Emerging research and applications to children  

My rights Glycol ethers. New toxicological data  

My rights Cancers. Long-term prognoses  

My rights Advisory report of the Superior Health Council of Belgium on the use of portable digital music players (MP3) and the risk of hearing loss  

My rights Stem Cell Research – Status, Prospects, Prerequisites   quality control: 1 responses

My rights Bitumen (vapour and aerosol); Health-based recommended occupational exposure limit  

My rights BaP and PAH from coal-derived sources; Health-based calculated occupational cancer risk values of benzo[a]pyrene and unsubstituted non-heterocyclic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from coal-derived s  

My rights Artificial prolongation of life  

My rights Electromagnetic compatibility between mobile telephony and electronic medical equipment   quality control: 1 responses

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