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My rights Assessment of the impact on the environment of selected electrical and electronicequipment  

My rights Near Infrared Spectroscopy Tool for Collection Surveying  

My rights Quality of Care and Quality of Life For People with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities:Integrated Living, Social Inclusion and Service User Participation  

My rights Crop and Food Bio-security, and Provision of the Means to Anticipate and Tackle Crop

My rights Policy-oriented and harmonising research activities in the field of primary immunodeficiencydiseases (PIDs)  

My rights Improve Scientific and Technical Advice for fisheries Management  

My rights Key factors influencing economic relationships and communication in European food chains  

My rights Scientific Reference System on new energy technologies, energy end-use efficiency and
energy RTD

My rights Risk assessment of new and emerging systemic iridoviral diseases for European fish and aquatic

My rights DEvelopment of fishing Gears with Reduced Effects on the Environment  

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