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My rights The Future of Prenatal Diagnosis - Abstract  

My rights End of Life (2006)
Ethical challenges and dilemmas at the end of life. A series of three publications in Danish made into one English version. Themes: Spiritual care for the dying. Treating the dying - the difficult decisions. Euthanasia - legalizing killing on request?

My rights For fat and thin. Prevention of overweight and obesity and the risk of eating disorders.   quality control: 1 responses

My rights Preconception care: a good beginning   quality control: 1 responses

My rights The Precautionary Principle and its Normative Challenges  

My rights 2007 Annual Population Screening Report: medical self-tests  

My rights Dietary Fibre - Definition and Analysis, Physiology, Health.  

My rights Risk Characterisation of Chemicals in Food and Diet- Final Part of Food Safety in Europe (FOSIE): Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food and Diet  

My rights Safe Amounts of Gluten for Patients with Wheat Allergy or Coeliac Disease  

My rights Hazard Characterisation in Food Allergen Risk Assessment: The Application of Statistical Approaches and the Use of Clinical data  

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