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My rights PASSCLAIM: Process for the Assessment of Scientific Support for Claims on Foods - Consensus on Criteria  

My rights Technology Transfer and Investment Risk in International Emissions Trading  

My rights Modelling in Coastal and Shelf Seas – European Challenges  

My rights Bridging the micro-macro gap in population forecasting  

My rights Adequacy of old-age Income Maintenance in the EU  

My rights European Non-Food Agriculture  

My rights recommendation on the establishment of Ethics Committees that review biomedical research  

My rights The ethics of patenting human genes and stem cells - conference report and summaries  

My rights Summary of WHO/IPCS' Environmental Health Criteria for Fluorides  

My rights A new way to model transport across Europe  

My rights Gauging how an ageing population affects health care demand  

My rights Towards common ground for European transport policy assessment  

My rights The future for patients in Europe: benefits of enhanced mobility  

My rights Developing the entrepreneurial skills of farmers  

My rights Cancer - A methodological approach for studying the link between cancer and environment  

My rights Consolidated European Photonics Initiative: “Photonics for the 21st century”  

My rights HOLIstic assessment of WASTe management technologies  

My rights Agri-environmental Footprint: Development of a common generic methodology for
evaluating the effectiveness of European Agri-environmental Schemes

My rights Design and economic impact of risk management tools for European agriculture  

My rights Risk assessment of new and emerging systemic iridoviral diseases for European fish and aquatic

My rights Agricultural Trade Agreements  

My rights Analysis of the competitiveness of Mercosur’s key agri-food sectors, comparison of policies
and the ex-ante impacts of EU-Mercosur trade liberalisation

My rights Improving the Knowledge and Practice of Organ Donation  

My rights Developing new methodologies to assess the sustainability impacts of trade policies  

My rights Good Practice for Providing Reasonable Access to the Physical Built Environment for the

My rights Improving and applying methods for the calculation of natural and biogenic emissions and
assessment of impacts to the air quality

My rights Transmission modelling and risk assessment for released or newly emergent infectious
disease agents

My rights Development of new integrated strategies for prevention, control and monitoring of
epizootic poultry diseases

My rights Renewable Energy in developing countries: Current situation, market Potential and
recommendations for a win-win-win for EU industry, the Environment and local Socio-economic development

My rights Improving the safety of blood and organ supply by creating
the research infrastructure to monitor emerging pathogens and develop new screening tests

My rights Summary of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Scientific Facts on Ecosystem Change  

My rights Bee Research and Virology in Europe  

My rights Harvesting knowledge of multifunctional agriculture  

My rights The potential socio-economic impact of broadband access and use on new forms of
pan-European trading, collaborative work and advanced public service provision.

My rights European Sustainable Electricity; Comprehensive Analysis of Future European Demand and
Generation of European Electricity and its Security of Supply

My rights Scientific Reference System on new energy technologies, energy end-use efficiency and
energy RTD

My rights Horizontal Standards on Organic Micro-pollutants for Implementation of EU Directives on
Sludge, Soil and Treated Bio-waste

My rights The Objective of Sustainable Development: Are we coming closer?  

My rights A user's guide to biodiversity indicators  

My rights Designing policies to promote for cleaner technologies  

My rights Suicide - Psychological autopsy, a research tool for prevention  

My rights ICSTI Statement on Strategic Technology Platforms  

My rights The European Charter for Researchers and a Code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers  

My rights Exploring aspects of immigration and citizenship  

My rights Identifying land use activities that could help manage greenhouse gas emissions  

My rights Towards a robust and consistent picture of migration to, from and within the EU  

My rights Providing research to fight organised crime  

My rights Assessing the impact of air pollution on cultural heritage  

My rights Countering erosion in Europe’s historic buildings  

My rights Assessing the risk posed by Phytophthora ramorum, a key quarantine organism  

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