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My rights From Biofuel Cells to Voice Recognition Enhancement: EURYI to showcase the future of European science in Prague  

My rights Development of new integrated strategies for prevention, control and monitoring of
epizootic poultry diseases

My rights Improving the safety of blood and organ supply by creating
the research infrastructure to monitor emerging pathogens and develop new screening tests

My rights Disease and Stress Resistant Common Carp: Combining Quantitative, Genomic andProteomic and Immunological marker technologies to identify high performance strains, families and individuals.  

My rights UNderstanding the Mechanisms of Stock ReCOVERy  

My rights Methods of Assessing Response to Quality Improvement Strategies  

My rights Capacity, F and Effort  

My rights New modes of Governance for Sustainable Forestry in Europe  

My rights Methods for the concentration and detection of adenoviruses and noroviruses in European bathing
waters with reference to the revision of the Bathing Water Directive 76/160/EEC

My rights Catch, Effort and Discard Estimates in Real time  

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