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My rights Indicators for a knowledge-based economy  

My rights Tools for assessing the sustainability of proposed policies  

My rights Scientific shield against bioterror threats  

My rights Strategy for Science,Technology and Innovation 2006 - 2013  

My rights Threshold of Toxicological Concern - a tool for assessing substances of unknown toxicity present at low levels in the diet  

My rights From Science and Society to Science in Society: Towards a Framework for 'Co-operative Research'  

My rights Meeting of Minds - European Citizens Deliberation on Brain Science  

My rights ESS Executive Summary  

My rights National Code of Practice for Managing Intellectual Property from Public-Private Collaborative Research  

My rights Summary of WHO/IPCS' Environmental Health Criteria for Fluorides  


My rights The European Charter for Researchers and a Code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers  

My rights CEN Comments on the EU 7th RTD Framework Programme  

My rights CEN Declaration on the European Institute of Technology  

My rights Work Programme 2006 Health Council of the Netherlands/Advisory Council on Health Research  

My rights Discussion paper 'Science advice on public health at national and European level'  

My rights Report invitational meeting 'Science advice on public health at national and European level'  

My rights Deliberating Foresight-Knowledge for Policy and Foresight -knowledge Assessment  

My rights Revision of the EC directive on the welfare of research animals - an advance briefing  

My rights recommendation on the establishment of Ethics Committees that review biomedical research  

My rights Investing in Knowledge in Europe  

My rights Comments on the Summary Document of the European Research Council Expert Group  

My rights Nanosciences and nanotechnologies: An action plan for Europe 2005-2009  

My rights The Influence of Night-time Noise on Sleep and Health  

My rights Recommendation on clinical trials  

My rights European Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010  

My rights Nanotechnology in Ireland: A Snapshot  

My rights The ethics of patenting human genes and stem cells - conference report and summaries  

My rights Patenting Human Genes and stem cells - a report  

My rights ICSTI Statement on Strategic Technology Platforms  

My rights Building Ireland's Knowledge Economy - The Irish Action Plan for Increasing Research and Development to 2010  

My rights Summary of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Scientific Facts on Ecosystem Change  

My rights A user's guide to biodiversity indicators  

My rights Consolidated European Photonics Initiative: “Photonics for the 21st century”  

My rights The Objective of Sustainable Development: Are we coming closer?  

My rights Does Passive Smoking cause Cancer? GreenFacts provides the Scientific Consensus on Tobacco  

My rights BECAUSE - Critical Interactions BEtween Species and their Implications for a PreCAUtionary FiSheries Management in a variable Environment - a Modelling Approach  

My rights Anthrax - EuroNet: Scientific shield against bioterror threats  

My rights Emerging zoonoses  

My rights European primary care  

My rights The use of reporter genes for mutagenicity testing in animals  

My rights Use of antiviral agents and other measures in an influenza pandemic  

My rights Recommendations on the European Research Area (ERA) and the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)  

My rights EURAB report on European Technology Platforms  

My rights Interdisciplinarity in Research  

My rights Recommendations from EURAB on Evaluation  

My rights EURAB Report and Recommendations on SMEs and ERA  

My rights Market Report  

My rights The Structural Funds and the Research Component  

My rights EURAB Recommendations on the Descartes Prize  

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