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My rights Ethical and Regulatory Challenges to Science and Research Policy at the Global Level  

My rights The Future of Prenatal Diagnosis - Abstract  

My rights Organ Donation - Ethical Deliberations and Recommendations (2008) - Abstract  

My rights Dementia and self-determination  

My rights End of Life (2006)
Ethical challenges and dilemmas at the end of life. A series of three publications in Danish made into one English version. Themes: Spiritual care for the dying. Treating the dying - the difficult decisions. Euthanasia - legalizing killing on request?

My rights Intersexuality  

My rights A solid foundation is a must! Quality at a basic Accident and Emergency Department within a regional network  

My rights A fair compensation. Considerations for a proposal to give living kidney donors priority for transplantation.  

My rights Academia Europaea position paper on the situation of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe  

My rights Working while standing, kneeling or squatting  

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