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My rights Towards common ground for European transport policy assessment  

My rights Gauging how an ageing population affects health care demand  

My rights The future for patients in Europe: benefits of enhanced mobility  

My rights Developing the entrepreneurial skills of farmers  

My rights Cancer - A methodological approach for studying the link between cancer and environment  

My rights Consolidated European Photonics Initiative: “Photonics for the 21st century”  

My rights HOLIstic assessment of WASTe management technologies  

My rights Analysis of the competitiveness of Mercosur’s key agri-food sectors, comparison of policies
and the ex-ante impacts of EU-Mercosur trade liberalisation

My rights Agri-environmental Footprint: Development of a common generic methodology for
evaluating the effectiveness of European Agri-environmental Schemes

My rights Agricultural Trade Agreements  

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