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My rights Teaming up against infectious diseases in aquaculture  

My rights Scientific shield against bioterror threats  

My rights Seeking consensus on external power generation costs  

My rights Supporting the single energy market  

My rights Preserving the environment, developing agriculture  

My rights Human Exposure and Internal Dose Assessment of Acrylamide in Food  

My rights Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence  

My rights ESF Scientific Forward Look on Nanomedicine  

My rights Social Sciences in Europe  

My rights European Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010  

My rights The use of reporter genes for mutagenicity testing in animals  

My rights Recommendation on clinical trials  

My rights Does Passive Smoking cause Cancer? GreenFacts provides the Scientific Consensus on Tobacco  

My rights Methods for the concentration and detection of adenoviruses and noroviruses in European bathing
waters with reference to the revision of the Bathing Water Directive 76/160/EEC

My rights Het chronische-vermoeidheidssyndroom  

My rights Strengthening Public Health Research in Europe  

My rights Broadband technologies transforming business models and challenging regulatory
frameworks – lessons from the music industry

My rights FMD and CSF Coordination Action  

My rights Sustainability Tools and Targets for the Urban Thematic Strategy  

My rights Predicting the impacts of agricultural policy, dynamically and spatially  

My rights Highly parallel cell culture in nanodrops, a new format for high content cell based toxicity
screening on Cell on Chips

My rights Market Report  

My rights Measuring Health and Disability in Europe: supporting policy development  

My rights Optimising strategies for integrating people with disabilities into work  

My rights Methods of Assessing Response to Quality Improvement Strategies  

My rights European primary care  

My rights A harmonised approach to assessing costs for transport projects at the European level  

My rights Improving preparedness against possible use of biological agents  

My rights Meeting the threat of terrorist attack  

My rights Building the e-business expressway  

My rights Towards better surveillance of food and water-borne viruses  

My rights Behind closed doors: air quality in buildings  

My rights Are electromagnetic fields hazardous to health?  

My rights Tools for assessing the sustainability of proposed policies  

My rights Reducing the environmental impact of heavy metals  

My rights Assessing future energy needs and sustainable solutions  

My rights The big picture for sustainable city tourism  

My rights Lessening the social and economic impact of SARS and influenza  

My rights Towards a better understanding of SARS-related viruses  

My rights Developing medical interventions for SARS  

My rights Improving the health and welfare of laying hens  

My rights A toolkit for assessing the ecological and economic impacts of GM crops  

My rights Promoting agricultural reform and making sure the CAP fits  

My rights Pooling knowledge to support farming and the environment  

My rights Forecasting the repercussions of policy decisions on the dairy sector  

My rights IMProving the IMPlementation of Environmental IMPact Assessment  

My rights Tuberculosis. Place of vaccination in control of the disease  

My rights A Simple Guide to Understanding and Applying the Hazard Critical Control Point Concept  

My rights EU-wide Monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of
Community interest

My rights New and Emerging Technologies: Improved Laboratory and On-site Detection of OIE List A
Viruses in Animals and Animal Products

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