European Week of Regions and Cities
8-11 October 2018 Brussels

The clean energy transition seen from the local perspective

October 10, 2018 from 11:30 to 13:00

The objective of this session is to understand how local authorities and stakeholders can plan the upcoming clean energy transition accounting for the economical, technical and social challenges of the territory. The session will be in World café© format, where the participants are divided in smaller groups according to the territorial area of interest: : i) coal regions in transition; ii) large islands; iii) small islands and iv) marginal areas. The groups, led by a moderator, will share concrete cases, challenges, opportunities and limitations. The outcome will be summarized to highlight potential areas of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Participatory sessions
Gianni Chianetta
Territorial development (regional, urban, rural)
European Commission - DG JRC
english (en)
Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room Hall 100

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