The European Data Portal (EDP) for accessing public open data across Europe

Wed 9, October 2019
09:30 - 10:30 CET

Presenting tools and services available through the European Data Portal (EDP), the EU set of activities for the promotion of open data publication and re-use in Europe. EDP provides support to European public open data teams; observe the development of open data availability and re-use across the EU Member States; develop original research, training and workshops; inform the public, and make all European public sector open data findable on our website, searchable in all EU languages.

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Session summary

Esther Huyer, Eline Lincklaen Arriëns and Marit Blank from the European Data Portal (EDP) spoke at the session "The European Data Portal (EDP) for accessing open data across Europe" during the 2019 European Week of Regions and Cities. We discussed the following:

  • the EDP has been the single access point to open data from EU Member States and institutions since 2005;
  • the EDP helps data providers across Europe to select, improve and publish their data by offering tailored workshops and general guidance;
  • the EDP also helps reusers to find open data and create awareness for the potential value of such data;
  • we provide examples of use to inspire the community on how value can be created by reusing open data;
  • we shared the first trend analysis of the 2019 Open Data Maturity Report, which uses four indicators to measure countries' open data maturity and will be published on 2 December 2019;
  • the EDP's research on the economic impact of open data across Europe will be published in a report in February 2020;
  • the concept of rural open data that includes data from rural regions and rural sectors such as fishery, forestry and agriculture was introduced, and its value discussed. The findings will be further discussed in a report to be published in November 2019.

For more insights into the significance of open data on regions and cities across Europe, explore the European Data Portal. If you are aware of open-data-related news, events or examples, share them with us by email at info@europeandataportal.eu or on Twitter at @EU_DataPortal.

Take away message

The European Data Portal is the single access point to open data from European countries and institutions. The project promotes the publication and reuse of open data across Europe by helping data providers and data reusers to increase the impact of open data.

Currently, our research focuses on:

  • measuring the maturity of open data across Europe;
  • investigating the economic impact of open data;
  • increasing the impact of rural open data;
  • high-value datasets: bringing open data to the next level.


"Using data from rural sectors, for example on sustainable fishing and forestry or smart farming, is becoming more and more popular. However, there are barely any strategies on how citizens in rural areas can benefit from this data and what role local institutions can play." - Esther Huyer, EDP