Mediterranean Diet - When Brand Meets People

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Tue 8, October 2019
16:30 - 19:00
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Transnational cooperation - promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth - to increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area.

The MD.net project challenges the problems of currently neglected and undeveloped opportunities of the Mediterranean Diet (MD) in many Euromediterranean regions in danger of depopulation.

The Mediterranean Diet is an integral part of the identity of twelve territories, partners of MD.net, a cooperation project financed by Interreg Med Programme 2014-2020. The participatory laboratory serves to exchange opinions among the stakeholders representing the communities involved - six of them representing the UNESCO Community of Med Diet Intangible Cultural Heritage – and an enlarged public.

After an opening presentation (around 20 minutes) showing the main aspects of the MD - skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions concerning cultures, landscape, lifestyle, ways of working, produce, conserve, cooking, sharing MD products - the second part of the session (90 minutes) will consist of least three parallel tables. Each table gathers stakeholders from the partners’ territories representative of the quadruple helix and the public. The MD themes will be discussed by using interactive techniques (such as canvas models) in order to stimulate and lift innovative/creative measures. One facilitator and one story-teller – selected among the MD.net partners - will manage each table.

 According to the specific objectives of the project, three blocks of discussion are foreseen as follows:

  • MD.Knowledge (Information, Education, Innovation) – how to share knowledge and use it; how to establish co-working methods to develop innovation and creativity in MD traditional fields;
  • MD.Governance (Local, international) – how participatory processes and public-private cooperation can be useful in developing integrated strategies at local level;
  • MD.Branding – how to establish an Intelligent Marketing strategy to reinforce MD common identities and consolidate a MD international network.

During the third part (40 minute) - plenary session:  the story-tellers will report the results of the tables and open a general discussion integrating the emerged issues. The results will serve as recommendations for the development of the next phases of MD.net projects (tasting and capitalisation).

Partners of the project participating in the session: Regione Campania, the University of Algarve, Regional Development Agency of  Split-Dalmatia County, Region of Crete, University of Mostar, Med Diet Foundation, Chamber of Commerce of Seville, Emilia Romagna Region, E-zavod Institute, COPPEM, Association of Albanian Municipalities, Region of Cataluna, Troodos Development Company.

Darko Ferčej, director, Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions - eZAVOD, Slovenia.
Francesca Maciocia, Director, Scabed - Campania Region in house company, Italy.
Manuel Montoya, Project manager, Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Seville, Spain.
Elodie Nunes, Executive Secretary, Intermediterranean Commission of the Conference of European Peripheral andf Maritime Regions, France.
Ramon Sentmarti i Castané, legal representative, PRODECA - Generalidad de Catalunia, Spain.
nicola caputo, Former MEP Coordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Commission, EU parliament, Afghanistan.
carmela cotrone, project coordinator, Campania Region, Italy.
sebastiano leo, regional councelor, Apulia Region, Italy.
chiara marciani, regional councelor, Campania Region, British Indian Ocean Territory.
francesco molinari, policy advisor, Campania Region, Italy.
jelena petrov, Project manager, Public Institution RERA S.D. for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County, Croatia.
stefano pisani, Mayor, Municipality of Pollica, Italy.
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Campania Region
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Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room Hall 400.
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