European Week of Regions and Cities
7-10 OCTOBER 2019 Brussels

LOCAL.SOCIAL.SUSTAINABLE. How can the European Union help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

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Wed 9, October 2019
14:30 - 17:00
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Cities and regions are confronted every day with the task of making sustainable development a reality that works for all citizens. As the climate crisis and rising social inequalities pose serious challenges to Europeʼs future, local and regional authorities have become new drivers of change.

With their innovative solutions and concrete policies, local and regional governments strive to make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality, as no less than 65% of the targets depend on them. From ending poverty to quality education, from reducing inequalities to zero hunger, from fighting the climate crisis to building more sustainable communities, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the right compass to build a society that leaves no people and no places behind.

A just transition towards a sustainable Europe is urgent and necessary, but it will not be possible without a rethinking of the European Union policies in an ambitious and comprehensive way. In particular, cohesion policy, which is the EUʼs best investment tool for territories, has the potential to become the cornerstone of sustainable development policies, by supporting cities and regions in their actions and empowering citizens in this transformation.

This workshop will present inspiring local stories of sustainable development and discuss the idea of a progressive Green New Deal to help cities and regions achieve a sustainable future. 

It is organised by the PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions, with the cooperation of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament and its Progressive Society initiative.

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Maria Kakali, Peter Kurz, Pierre Larrouturou, Paul Magnette, Fernando Medina, Christophe Rouillon
A more socially integrated Europe
CoR - PES group
Building CoR - JDE building, Room JDE 52.
Address: Rue Belliard 101, 1040 Brussels

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