Urban policy and locally-led strategies in a new financial perspective

Tue 8, October 2019
09:15 - 12:45 CET

The aim of the event is to disscuss the role of the regions in strengthening the urban dimension of Cohesion Policy and support of locally-led development strategies. Participants of the event will have a chance to exchange views on the territorial innovation capacity element (testing/experimenting locally-designed solutions to build up resilience) and to reflect on how best to facilitate this in future programmes. New financial perspective estimates that 6% of the European Regional Development Fund envelope will be earmarked for investments in sustainable urban development at national level. The 2021-2027 framework also creates the European Urban Initiative, a new instrument for city-to-city cooperation, innovation and capacity-building across all the thematic priorities of the Urban Agenda for the EU (integrating migrants, housing, air quality, urban poverty or energy transition, among others). Furthermore, in line with Cohesion Policy's 5 th objective, “A Europe closer to citizens”, the Commission will further support locally-led development strategies developed at the level closest to the citizens. These local strategies, in the form of the existing “Integrated Territorial Investments” and “Community-Led Local Development” tools, should be developed and endorsed by the responsible local or territorial authorities, which should be more involved in or put in charge of selecting EU-funded projects. “Community-Led Local Development” should suport structural change and enhanced local innovation capacity.

Nicolas Brookes, Executive Director Policy, The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, United Kingdom.
Nicolas Brookes, Executive Director Policy, The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, United Kingdom.
Lucio Caporizzi, Director of Programming, Innovation and Competitiveness, Umbria Region, Italy.
Nicole Huber, City Director, City of Heidelberg, Germany.
Grainia Long, Commissioner for Resilience, Belfast City Council, United Kingdom.
Antonios Psarakis, Director, Managing Authority of the Peloponnese Regional Operational Program, Greece.
Joanna Sarosiek, Director of the Department of Regional Development, Marshal Office of Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland.
Katarzyna Szumielewicz, Programme Manager, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban policy of the European Commission, Poland.
The Future of the EU and the roles of the Regions and Cities
City of Heidelberg, Northern Ireland, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Region of Peloponnese, Umbria Region
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