European Week of Regions and Cities
7-10 OCTOBER 2019 Brussels

Local youth works and territorial trends in youth unemployment

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Wed 9, October 2019
14:30 - 16:00
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This workshop covers two different yet still closely related issues. In the first half of the session, we’ll look at quality development in local youth work. Stakeholders of the ‘Europe Goes Local’ network developed the European Charter on Local Youth Work to stimulate the further development of local youth work. This charter is a practical tool that is offered to all actors who define, implement or evaluate local youth work and related policy. The implementation of the charter is supported by a toolkit that provides explanations, reference documents and examples of good practices for each guiding principle grouped around five themes. The first part of the workshop is an occasion for participants to get familiar with the charter, share their thoughts about it and use it via a simulation exercise.

In the second part of the session, we’ll present and discuss the results of an ESPON research project on youth unemployment in European regions and cities. In this discussion, we’ll reflect on good practice examples of tackling youth unemployment at different governance levels and discuss relevant potential support by EU Cohesion Policy.

Judit Balog, Fabienne Metayer, Andreea Pop, Colm Richardson, Milos Ristovski, Anita Silva
A more socially integrated Europe
Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room 210 (circle 2).
Address: Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels

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