European Week of Regions and Cities
7-10 OCTOBER 2019 Brussels

Fuel Cell Buses: Clearing the Way for Zero Emission Transport

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Tue 8, October 2019
09:15 - 10:45
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Fuel cell (FC) electric buses represent a key zero emission transport solution which helps tackle climate change challenges and clean cities air. 

Through the JIVE and MEHRLIN projects, some 300 fuel cell buses and their hydrogen infrastructure will be deployed in 22 cities across Europe.

The overall objectives of the JIVE initiatives are to advance the commercialisation of fuel cell buses through large-scale deployment of vehicles and infrastructure so that by the end of the project, fuel cell buses are commercially viable for bus operators to include in their fleets without subsidy, and that local and national governments feel empowered to regulate for zero emission propulsion for their public transport systems.

The projects have the following aims:

  • Achieve a maximum price €625k-€650k for a standard fuel cell bus thanks to economies of scale – or lower
  • Foster joint procurement processes, encourage manufacturers to develop and refine their fuel cell bus offers
  • Validate large scale fleets in operation and encourage further uptake, showcasing that fuel cell buses represent a viable alternative for public transport authorities, offering the same operational flexibility as diesel buses but without the harmful tailpipe emissions
  • Deploy largest hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe and operate them at near 100% reliability
  • Demonstrate routes to achieve low cost renewable hydrogen
  • Share data and best practice to support the adoption of the technology and provide evidence of the suitability of fuel cell buses for wider roll-out

The workshop will have speakers with firsthand experience discussing why they have invested in this technology, their first lessons and best practices as well as the next steps of deployment.

Lionel Boillot, Jens Conrad, Oyvind Michelsen, Melanie Pedeutour, Erwin Stoker
A greener Europe
Akershus fylkeskommune, Communauté d'agglomération Pau Béarn Pyrénées, Hydrogen Europe, OV Bureau, Regional Verkehr Köln
Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room 213+215.
Address: Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels

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