European Week of Regions and Cities
7-10 OCTOBER 2019 Brussels

Circular Economy as a strategy for cities and regions

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Tue 8, October 2019
14:30 - 16:00
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Circular Economy is one of the 14 themes for the Urban Agenda for the EU partnerships established as part of the Pact of Amsterdam. Several of the partnerships have developed actions to reduce barriers for a transition towards a circular economy in cities, among them the Circular Economy Partnership and the Partnership for Sustainable Use of Land & Nature-Based Solutions. To develop a strategy for Circular Economy in cities is an opportunity for cities to develop a sustainable, smart and inclusive city for the citizens. A Circular Economy strategy is based on the local situation in the city. ESPON EGTC will present and discuss the results of 2 projects aiming to support regions and cities in the transition to a circular economy. 

To have more information about the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy please have a look at the Futurium Website where you will find updates and the Action Plan of the partnership.

For more information on the work of ESPON, please have a look at CIRCTER - Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences and the ESPON Sharing project.


Valerio Barberis, Cristina Clotet, Håkon Jentoft, Veerle Labeeuw, Philippe Micheaux Naudet, Lison Rabuel, Carlos Tapia Garcia, Marjan Van Herwijnen
A greener Europe
Association of cities and regions for sustainable resource management ACR+, CITY OF THE HAGUE, ESPON EGTC, Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, Urban Agenda Partnership on Sustainable Use of Land &Nature-Based Solutions
Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room Silver hall.
Address: Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels

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