Circular Economy as a strategy for cities and regions

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Tue 8, October 2019
14:30 - 16:00
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Circular Economy is one of the 14 themes for the Urban Agenda for the EU partnerships established as part of the Pact of Amsterdam. Several of the partnerships have developed actions to reduce barriers for a transition towards a circular economy in cities, among them the Circular Economy Partnership and the Partnership for Sustainable Use of Land & Nature-Based Solutions. To develop a strategy for Circular Economy in cities is an opportunity for cities to develop a sustainable, smart and inclusive city for the citizens. A Circular Economy strategy is based on the local situation in the city. ESPON EGTC will present and discuss the results of 2 projects aiming to support regions and cities in the transition to a circular economy. 

To have more information about the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy please have a look at the Futurium Website where you will find updates and the Action Plan of the partnership.

For more information on the work of ESPON, please have a look at CIRCTER - Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences and the ESPON Sharing project.


Valerio Barberis, Deputy mayor on urban planning and the environment, City of Prato, Italy.
Cristina Clotet, Cap d’àmbit, Equip de projectes, Incasol_Government of Catalonia, Spain.
Håkon Jentoft, speaker, City of Oslo, Norway.
Veerle Labeeuw, Facilitator Circulaire Economie, Vlaanderen Circulair, Belgium.
Philippe Micheaux Naudet, Deputy Secretary General - Senior Project Manager, ACR+, Belgium.
Lison Rabuel, Senior Research Manager, VVA Group, Italy.
Carlos Tapia Garcia, Senior Researcher, Energy and Environment Division TECNALIA, Spain.
Marjan Van Herwijnen, Senior Project Expert, ESPN EGTC, Luxembourg.
A greener Europe
Association of cities and regions for sustainable resource management ACR+, CITY OF THE HAGUE, ESPON EGTC, Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, Urban Agenda Partnership on Sustainable Use of Land &Nature-Based Solutions
deutsch (de), français (fr)
Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room Silver hall.
Address: Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels

Session summary

Circular economy strategies for cities and regions is crucial if we want a coordinated and effective approach to the circular economy transition in Europe. That is why the Urban Agenda for the EU dedicated a partnership to address the circular economy for European cities. The session presented the Action plan of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy. The Urban Agenda platform has worked well in the way that it has enabled a multi-level approach to the topic and allows partners to also take their circular ambitions further within their own cities.

The ESPON 2020 Programme aims at promoting and fostering a European territorial dimension in development and cooperation by providing evidence, knowledge transfer and policy learning to public authorities and other policy actors at all levels. ESPON is supporting several of the Urban Agenda Partnerships. In the Circular Economy Partnership, ESPON has made a targeted analysis of the potential for how the collaborative economy can help cities stimulate a more circular economy through the Target Analysis ESPONSHARING. The main conclusions are YES, there are several bottom-up initiatives based on the collaborative economy models that shifts focus from consumption of products to consumption of services at the same time as they stimulate local value creation and more inclusive cities. Collaborative Economy models work as a means to an end, where the end is a circular city.

ESPON CIRCTER Applied Research is another project addressing the Circular Economy from a territorial perspective.  The main message was that the circular economy is relevant for all types of territories, but it materialises in very different ways depending on local conditions. Therefore a circular strategy should start with an assessment of the local context.

As also addressed in the Urban Agenda Partnership, Governance is the key to the circular transition. Knowing how to address circular economy at local level and develop the right kind of tools is still a challenge for most European cities. Both ACR+ and Vlaanderen Circulair presents their guidelines and tips for cities starting this process. The main message is:

  1. Map the different governance approaches and decide what fits with the city or regions context
  2. Gather knowledge about the city metabolism to take the right decisions
  3. Make an Action plan and lead by example

There are also several links to be made between the work on Circular Economy in cities and other thematic areas. Within the Urban Agenda Platform, the Partnership on Sustainable Land Use and Nature based Solutions have worked together with the Partnership on Circular Economy to develop a guideline for how cities can better manage their land and utilise undermanaged buildings and spaces.

Take away message

When a city or a region is embarking on the Circular Economy transition, pay attention to the local context and include the small-scale initiative to build on existing work. Collect knowledge and map the current resource flows in the area. Place a special focus on the governance aspect when designing your circular strategy and develop the right set of indicators to measure your performance.

“The circular economy is relevant for all types of territories”. Carlos Tapia Garcia, Researcher in TECNALIA Research & Innovation

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  • Posted by: Dorian Claeys
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    PowerPoint Presentations

    I am interested in getting the PPT presentations of this session. Would it be possible ? Thank you very much in advance !
    • Posted by: Håkon JENTOFT
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      PowerPoints presentataions

      Dear Dorian, all presentations are no available at the session webpage. If you want any more information, please contact me on email hakon.jentoft@ren.oslo.kommune.no
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      Dear Helena, all sessions was live streamed at the conference. But I am not informed of if, when or where they will be available after the conference, Sorry. And sorry for my late replay,
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        Sorry, this was wrong information. The session was not streamed (mixed with another session during research and innovation days).
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          PPT - Circular Economy as a city strategy – methods and examples

          Dear Sir Thank you for your reply. In fact there was no broadcast of the circular economy sessions in streaming. Thanks for the PPT. If it is possible to resend this "Circular Economy as a city strategy – methods and examples" since it gives error, I would appreciate it.
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            If you send me your email, I will send the presentation to you. I will also try to change the link on the website, but this is not easy.
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