European Week of Regions and Cities
8-11 October 2018 Brussels

Pre-Commercial Procurement: challenges faced by regions and cities

October 9, 2018 from 11:30 to 13:00

This session will highlight how public procurers can increase innovation from the demand side by buying the development and testing new solutions. To illustrate this purpose, two projects involving PCP and PPI will be presented, namely: "Learning Accelerating Platform (LEA); focusing on PCP in the sector of Education", followed by the "Start-up in Residence" project, which develops opportunities and innovative solutions (PPI) for start-ups. The debate will feature participatory exercises and will be guided by a chairperson with relevant experience in this field, with the aim of developing specific and operational solutions on the PCP/PPI challenges via brainstorming between experts and regional stakeholders.  

Participatory sessions
Eurico Neves
Lian De Boer, Eurico Neves, Ellinor Wallin
Education, culture and youth
Startup Europe Regions Network
english (en)
Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room 313
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