#EURegionsWeekCollege: Research for Policy Impact: The European Parliament

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Thu 8, October 2020
11:30 - 13:00 CET
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The #EURegionsWeekCollege replaces the Masterclass from previous years. Designed for students and early career researchers it forms part of the capacity building of the #RegionsWeek partners. With presentations from European Parliament officials this session sets out how the EP researchers provide expertise and scientific advice to Members. It covers work for EP Committees such as REGI and attendees will learn how research for policy is distinguished from research by academics. The session will provide ample time for discussion and debate between participants and presenters.

Previous editions of the #EURegionsWeek have hosted a Masterclass organised by three key learned societies – RSA Europe, the European Regional Science Association and AESOP. The usual face-to-face event is being replaced by sessions open to any students and early career researchers interested in EU regional and urban development and policy in the European Union. Three sessions will be available for registration.

In this webinar, colleagues from the European Parliament will discuss how research on Cohesion Policy is used in the work of the Parliament. They will explain how expertise and advice is used by MEPs and in the various Committees, and will suggest ways in which academic researchers can become more closely involved in the process. Attendees will learn about the different forms of communication, speed of delivery and other lessons and hints on how to communicate research to policy makers in the most effective way. An outline of where academic research is already commissioned and sought will be included.

Alex Holmes, Communications and Membership Manager, Regional Studies Association, United Kingdom.
Marek Kołodziejski, Parliamentary Research Administrator, DG IPOL, European Parliament, Belgium.
Kinga Ostanska, Documentary Information Assistant, DG IPOL, European Parliament, Belgium.
Magdalena Sapala, Policy Analyst, European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), Belgium.
Christiaan van Lierop, Policy Analyst, European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), Belgium.
Empowering citizens
The Association of European Schools of Planning, The European Regional Science Association, The Regional Studies Association European Foundation
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  • Posted by: Fernando GASPAR
    On: 27/08/2020 - 11:22am


    How to register in this session? The "add session" button does not appear...