School of Politics for Young People: lessons from Oulu, Finland

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Fri 9, October 2020
11:00 - 12:00 CET
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A short presentation of the School of Politics for Young People project in Oulu, Finland (max. 10-15 minutes), will be followed by a conversation and Q&A session with the active participation of the audience and regulated by the moderator. The aim is to present the School of Politics for Young People project in Oulu and discuss new methods of involving young people in local decision-making. The project's objective is to spark young people's interest in empowerment, in acquiring the knowledge and skills required for that empowerment and in actively participating in society. Special attention is to be paid to young people who are not yet participating or who feel they have no say in their affairs or issues regarding society. The panel of speakers will comprise a young person participating in the School of Politics for Young People, the project leader and the moderator.

The speakers will present the best practices identified during the project, including combating COVID-19, the intergenerational learning method, the educational toolkit for democracy and participation, and the local social and political implications of the project. The project ends in 2021, but will continue at some level with the city of Oulu's contribution. Democracy education tools will also be implemented after the project ends and democracy education will continue in local youth services and young people's participation groups.

The Democracy Trials 2020 Project is funded by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the city of Oulu. The project promoter is the city of Oulu, Educational and Cultural Services/Basic Education and Youth Services. The project workers are Noora Mäkinen noora.makinen@ouka.fi and Marjut Lehtonen marjut.lehtonen@ouka.fi

Instagram: @nuortenpolitiikkakoulu #nuortenpolitiikkakoulu #schoolofpolitics #nuortenoulu #demokratiakokeilut2020 #cityofoulu #sitra 


Marjut Lehtonen, Project worker in the School of politics for Young people, City of Oulu, Finland.
Noora Mäkinen, Project worker in the School of politics for Young people, City of Oulu, Finland.
Kalle Pyky, Chairman in the School of politics for Young people, City of Oulu, Finland.
Q&A on presented theme
Empowering citizens
European Committee of the Regions - The Greens
English (EN)


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    Interested in joining a European network?

    Could the School of Politics for Young People be interested in being part of a European and international network where, through an innovative communication tool, it can spread and amplify its activity at european and international level? We are looking for partners interested in joining our project. To find out more please write to: info@freeuropechannel.eu