20 years of Atlantic cooperation

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Tue 13, October 2020
16:30 - 18:00 CET
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EU territorial cooperation, after 30 years, needs to be told by the people on the ground. That is the main philosophy behind our workshop and our contribution to the future of ETC.

Created in 2000 in Rennes, Atlantic Cities (ACA) is a city network gathering, through uts 20 members, more than 350 local authorities of the Atlantic façade. It makes 20 years in 2020, so between July 2020 and July 2021, the network and its cities will share two decades of approaches, experiences and challenges with other European counterparts. 

The short presentations will develop about bilateral cooperation (the twinning between ACA members), the visions on the EU Urban Agenda and territorial cooperation, the cities’ view on a future Atlantic macro-region and, in general, experiences about cooperation at local, regional, national, and international level, such as the Atlantic Regional Initiative launched by ESA in 2020 or the Atlantic Futures programme addressed to Atlantic Young People.

Enrique Rodríguez Martín, Head of Promotion and City Internationalization, Gijón City Council, Spain.
Léna Dos, Alumna, Atlantic Futures, France.
Stefano Ferretti, Researcher, European Space Agency (ESA), Italy.
Gema Igual Ortiz, Mayor, Santander City Council, Spain.
Kieran McCarthy, Member of Cork City Council, Member of the European Committee of the Regions, European Committee of the Regions, Belgium.
Cohesion and Cooperation
The Atlantic Cities (headquarters based in Rennes, France)
English (EN), Español (ES)

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