2030 - New ways forward for cities and regions in line with EGD

Tue 20, October 2020
09:30 - 11:00 CET

This session is organised by the Municipality of Cascais, the Central Bohemian Region, the Municipality of Kallithea, the Kosice Self Governing Region, the Bucharest-Ilfov Public Transport Intercommunity Development Association and the Cycling Industries Europe.

It aims to explain and demonstrate how cities, regions and associations can positively contribute to the objectives enshrined in the European Green Deal (EGD) and how they can help to achieve the goals of energy transition and to help the European Union becoming the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. In addition – and in line with the EGD - it seeks to highlight the crucial role that “cities of the future” will play. These are sustainable cities, connected and optimised thanks to the use of technology. Moreover, they are a key solution to contain and reduce the alarming environmental and socioeconomic repercussions that urbanisation will cause on our planet.

The debate will focus on specific contributions for the success of the European Green Deal. Good examples such as Energy Strategies, Carbon Neutral roadmaps, investment in “green technologies”, bikes for transport and logistics, or free public transportation will be debated. In addition, regarding the transport sector, the session will approach some technical issues such as challenges with integrated ticketing and tariff policies, as well as contracting of public service obligations for regional services, institutional, investment and intermodal transport coordination. In the cycling contribution the success of cycling as a post-COVID-19 recovery intervention and a progression towards the European Green Deal will be explored. The aim is also to find solutions for the current challenges facing EU urban communities and, therefore, the Central Bohemian Region will present a project designed as an entire resilient urban system containing elements of a highly innovative and resilient city – from vertical urban farms to drone transport of goods, monorail and protection against blackouts, with well-balanced work and leisure areas.

Finally, the need to involve cities, regions and other stakeholders such as associations at all stages in the implementation of the European Green Deal and Recovery Plan will be discussed.

Henrique Burnay, Senior Partner, Eupportunity, Belgium.
Petra Ringrose, Representative of the Central Bohemia Region at the EU level, EU Policy Adviser to the Governor of the Central Bohemia Region, Schuman Associates, Czechia.
Joana Balsemão, Executive Councillor for Environment and Citizenship, Municipality of Cascais, Portugal.
Dimitrios Karnavos, Mayor and Member of the Committee of the Regions, Municipality of Kallithea, Attica Region, Greece, Greece.
Kevin Mayne, Chief Executive Officer, Cycling Industries Europe, Belgium.
Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, Governor of the Central Bohemia Region, Czech Republic, Member of the CoR, The Central Bohemia Region, CoR, Czechia.
Michal Postránecký, Head of CCF CIIRC CTU Prague, Principal Architect at GEN 61, CIIRC, Czech Technical University Prague, Czechia.
Aura Răducu, Director for Strategy and Projects, Bucharest -Ilfov Public Transport Association, Romania.
Rastislav Trnka, Governor of the Košice Self-governing region, Košice Self-governing region, Slovakia.
Green Europe
Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency, Cascais, Cycling Industries Europe
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