European Week of Regions and Cities
7-10 OCTOBER 2019 Brussels

Match-funding with the crowd: blending crowdfunding and ESIF to amplify results

October 11, 2018 from 14:30 to 16:00

The reduction in public budgets, the increasing importance of blending schemes in the future European funding landscape, and the consolidation of civic crowdfunding practices are strong signals that a new model for the way public authorities and citizens respond to local and regional challenges is needed. The aim of the workshop is to present best practices on how to implement match-funding mechanisms i.e. by combining crowdfunding with other sources of public funding and to highlight the potential of such mechanisms when framed as blending schemes for the allocation of ESIF grants (More information)

Francesca Passeri
Mauricio O' Brien, Anna-Maria Schwarze, Martijn Arnoldus, Maria Angeles Gonzalez
Future of cohesion policy, EU budget
European Crowdfunding Network
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Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room 314


Partnerships between public authorities and crowdfunding are already happening in the EU. Matching crowdfunding and ESIF resources would be highly beneficial to all parties involved. So the real question shouldn't be "is it possible?" but "how can we do it efficiently and effectively?".

Francesca Passeri, European Crowdfunding Network 

We see a shift in government becoming a participating partner in a match-funding scheme: we are not just enforcing, but facilitating and inviting our citizens to join, co-create, support and maintain economic and social development in their territory.

Anna-Maria Schwarze, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer 

I’m confident that ever more cities and regions will be offering the required infrastructure and incentive for local communities to start a movement to change and improve their neighborhoods, villages or cities, and to impact the entire region.

Martijn Arnoldus, Voor je Buurt Crowdfunding platform

Since the launch of this cooperation with Goteo, 23 campaigns have been launched with 22 being successful. We are proud to say that in the third edition of Conjuntament (match-funding scheme with Goteo) we have injected a total of 231.366 euro in Barcelona's social economy. 

Maria Angeles Gonzalez, Barcelona Activa

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