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Wed 14, October 2020
11:30 - 13:00 CET
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The ELISE Action  of  ISA2 Programme is a package of legal, policy, organisational, semantic and technical interoperability solutions to facilitate more efficient and effective cross-border or cross-sector digital public services and processes involving location information and the insights gained from that information (location intelligence).

Joining our participatory lab you will travel three different journeys:

#1 Location Intelligence for policy

#2 Data ecosystems for Location intelligence 

#3 Innovative Location Intelligence solutions 

Journey #1: The European Union is giving more and more emphasis to its energy policies, whose strategy and actions are delineated in several policy instruments related to different time horizons, involving different types of stakeholders at regional as well as at city level.
Should you be interested to see practical examples of how decision makers in the energy efficiency domain can benefit from the use of harmonised and interoperable location data, join us

Journey #2: After pioneering the Open Data movement in France 10 years ago, Rennes has started working in 2016 on a more ambitious data policy, which led to the creation of the first Local Data Public Service (SPMD in French) in 2018, and helped Rennes identify the key of success for this kind of policy. One of them is to establish and maintain a local data ecosystem while featuring the quadruple helix (Public, Private, Citizen, Research) at is core. RUDI (Rennes Urban Data Interface) is an ongoing project implementing these principles.
Join us to know more from Rennes’ experiences and to share your local and regional data ecosystem lessons learned.

Journey #3: Cities and regions are pioneering innovative solutions to reap the benefits of location intelligence, ensuring as well the groundwork of  creating a healthy data ecosystem. Examples include city digital twins modelling energy efficiency of buildings, and urban platforms supporting city managers achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  
Tune in to share your experience and learn from their challenges and success factors.

Lorena Hernandez, Project Officer, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy.
Francesco Pignatelli, Programme Manager, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy.
Simon Vrečar, External Consultant, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy.
Giacomo Martirano, External Consultant, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy.
Slim Turki, Open Data Researcher, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg.
Clementine Valayer, Associate Director, Gartner, Belgium.
Participatory Lab - world café, ideas labs
Cohesion and Cooperation
European Commission - JRC
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