Citizen Voices for Climate Action

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Thu 8, October 2020
14:30 - 16:00 CET
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We believe that democracy labs, bringing together citizens and decision-makers, are an active tool to engage citizens in decisions that shape their lives. We also believe that those who exercise power can take decisions collaboratively with those who are affected by it, over the long term. The lab will be conducted in world café format.

We will start with an introduction providing an overview of the subject and a short briefing of the aims of the session, as well as a brief discussion about our work in cities across Europe. There will be an in-depth discussion within each group about the positive aspects of engaging with citizens on subjects like climate change, looking at promising new forms of public participation on boundaryless subjects, and what citizens need in order to foster long-term collaboration with city or regional level governance on these subjects.

The two moderators chosen to lead the event are Anthony Zacharzewski and Jana Deschepper.

Jana Deschepper, Local Connector, Leuven, The Democratic Society AISBL, Belgium.
Nadja Nickel, Interim Director for Climate, The Democratic Society AISBL, Belgium.
Anthony Zacharzewski, Director General, The Democratic Society AISBL, Belgium.
Participatory Lab - world café, ideas labs
Empowering citizens
The Democratic Society AISBL
English (EN)

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