Regional smart specialisation: robotics

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Tue 13, October 2020
16:00 - 17:00 CET
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The RobotUnion project, funded under Horizon 2020, will participate in the European Week of Regions and Cities with a Q&A session addressing the topic of "Regional smart specialisation: robotics".

Most of the developing regions struggle to find out proper innovation instruments that could enhance the so-called entrepreneurial discovery process behind the Smart Specialisation concept in Robotics. RobotUnion consortium believes that the processes and methodologies used within the project at pan-European level can generate a spill over effect for European regions too, leveraging from the ‘European Structural and Investment Funds’. 

During the session, the RobotUnion consortium partners FundingBoxMobile World Capital BarcelonaInvest in Odense and MADE will share the insights on how to boost the regional investment strategy by including the smart specialization in Robotics and how to implement it together with the participation of SMEs (Open Calls) and DIHs concepts. That methodology will be based on the market adoption of the RobotUnion project as a possible innovation instrument both for ‘Smart Specialisation Strategies’ and Traditional Accelerators.  

At the end there will be a time for questions from the audience and possibility to exchange the common ideas.

Our future model is based on close collaboration with corporations and regional authorities. Please email us at info@robotunion.com if your institution is interested in the future of robotics.

Learn more under: www.robotunion.eu

RobotUnion has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 779967.

Marta Portalés, EU Projects Coordinator, Mobile World Capital Foundation, Spain.
Izabela Zrazinska, Project Manager - RobotUnion, FundingBox, Poland.
Jakub Kruszelnicki, Technology Transfer Expert, FundingBox, Poland.
Merete Nørby, International Senior Consultant Ph.D, MADE, Denmark.
Martyna Waliszewska, Junior Investment Manager, Invest in Odense, Denmark.
Izabela Zrazinska, Project Manager - RobotUnion, FundingBox, Poland.
Q&A on presented theme
Cohesion and Cooperation
FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o., Mobile World Capital Foundation, Odense Municipality
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