Developing pathways for the circular economy

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Tue 20, October 2020
16:30 - 18:00 CET
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Transforming into a circular economy is key for building a greener Europe. Join our participatory session organised by EIT Climate KIC: the EU’s main climate innovation initiative and a consortium of projects, including REPLACE Interreg Europe project, DIGIPRIME H2020 project and Circ-NSR Circular North Sea Regions. The session will explore success factors and solutions for existing barriers of European practitioners while discussing regional governance and the circular economy.

- The circular economy from a regional perspective (20-25 min)

Eva Sørensen - (CircNSR) Prof Roskilde University

Cliona Howie - Head of Circular Economy EIT Climate KIC

Moderated by Cristian Matti – Transitions Hub Lead EIT Climate KIC

- Introduction to the case studies: Objectives, Activities and Expected Outcomes (18 mins)

REPLACE - Isabel Sünner

Circ-NSR - Eva Sørensen

H2020 DIGIPRIME - Marcello Colledani

EIT Climate KIC projects:

LOOP Ports - Maria Loloni (CKIC)

Academy on Circular Economy - Annalisa Spalazzi (CKIC)

CICERONE-  Laura Nolan (CKIC)

- Interaction (40-50 min). Participants will be able to join different online rooms to discuss the projects in-depth with the project members as well as Q&A. Some groups will use visual tools to foster a collective understanding of the challenges and actions of real projects.


Room 2: LOOP Ports, Academy on Circular Economy and CICERONE with Claudia Brunori (ENEA, CICERONE), Milan Veselinov (CIREKON, Academy on Circular Economy) and Jorge Lara López (LOOP Ports). 

Cristian Matti, Transitions Hub Lead, EIT Climate KIC, Belgium.
Claudia Brunori, Head of Resource Efficiency Division, ENEA, Italy.
Marcello Colledani, Project manager of DE-REM, S3P-Industry BioEconomy partnership, Italy.
Cliona Howie, Head of Circular Economy, EIT Climate KIC, Belgium.
Jorge Lara Lopez, Innovation Team, Fundación Valenciaport, Spain.
Maria Loloni, Maritime Programme Manager, EIT Climate KIC, Germany.
Cristian Matti, Transitions Hub Lead, EIT Climate KIC, Belgium.
Laura Nolan, Circular Economy Programme Manager, EIT Climate KIC, United Kingdom.
Annalisa Spalazzi, Programme Manager, RIS, EIT Climate KIC, Italy.
Eva Sørensen, Professor, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark.
Isabel Sünner, Head of International Cooperation, Hamburg Institute of International Economics, Germany.
Milan Veselinov, CEO, CIREKON, Serbia.
Participatory Lab - world café, ideas labs
Green Europe
DIGIPRIME Digital Platform for Circular Economy in Cross-sectorial Sustainable Value Networks, EIT Climate KIC, European Commission - DG REGIO, REPLACE - REgional Policy Actions for Circular Economy (Interreg Europe Project)
English (EN)

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