R&I intelligence through matchmaking

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Wed 14, October 2020
09:30 - 11:00 CET
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Limited information about collaboration patterns in EU and regional programmes may prevent novel and diversified partnerships from flourishing.
This new initiative will increase our intelligence on: (i) expenditure directionality (topicality) at EU and regional levels; (ii) R&I investment flows; (iii) collaboration patterns. We propose making a live demonstration of the new service through a concrete case study suggested by the audience. The workshop will also help us better understand the needs of potential users and the regional context. This way, it can contribute to the policy discussion on how to improve synergies among R&I funding instruments, while taking smart specialisation into account.
The session will include speakers from DG R&I, Common Data & Knowledge Management Service, and from DG REGIO/JRC, an Interreg representative, an Interref beneficiary, and a MS representative.

Anna Panagopoulou, Director, European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission, Belgium.
Wolfgang Backhaus, Team Leader, Rupprecht Consult, Germany.
Anabela Marques Santos, Economic analyst, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Spain.
Oskar Otsus, Head of Department, Estonian Research Council (ETAG), Estonia.
Monika Schönerklee-Grasser, Head of Evaluation and Monitoring Unit, Joint Secretariat, Interreg Central Europe, Belgium.
Daniel Szmytkowski, Policy Analyst, DG R&I, Common Data & Knowledge Management Service, European Commission, Belgium.
Cohesion and Cooperation
European Commission
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