Migrants, Society, Inclusion: Yes we can

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Fri 9, October 2020
09:30 - 11:00 CET
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How do we elaborate mechanisms that aim to pacify social relationships that might be, or might be depicted as, contentious, when immigrants and hosting societies meet and compete over values, but also over resources such as jobs? What are the barriers and the enablers for different actors such as NGOs, unions and citizens aiming to achieve social cohesion while valuing diversity? 

Come, speak with scientists and actors from different sectors, age groups and levels of governance.

The session focuses on challenges, best practice, transferability and creative citizen engagement.


1)        Introduction and citizen engagement exercise (K. Wilde, REA)

2)        Key barriers towards a pacified society: immigrants’ integration in the European labour market (Prof. S. Baglioni, PI H2020-SIRIUS)

3)        European legal systems of immigration: ‘pacifiers’ or ‘trouble makers’? MEP Tineke Strik in dialogue with Prof. V.Federico (University of Florence, H2020-SIRIUS)

4)        What role can NGOs and private companies play in labour integration? Prof. S. Baglioni in dialogue with NGOs: Ms. F. della Tana (CIAC Onlus Parma) & Ms D. Spyratou (Solidarity Now)

5)        Screening of short video success stories told by immigrants

6)        Challenges for local authorities: Lessons from the OECD (Dr. C. Charbit) in dialogue with Prof. A. Membretti (INTERREG, Eurac, EU MINT)

7)        Interactive citizen sessions with NGOs & guests in all slots, e.g. SOLIDARITY NOW; C. Stadelhofer/Danube Networkers; flashmob-movie.


Simone Baglioni, Professor, University Parma, Italy.
Kerstin Wilde, Project Advisor, European Commission, Belgium.
Simone Baglioni, Professor, University Parma, Italy.
Claire Charbit, Head of Unit, OECD, France.
Andrea Dr. Membretti, EURAC, INTERREG Italia-Österreich, EU-Mint H2020, EURAC, INTERREG Italia-Österreich, EU-Mint H2020, Italy.
Veronica Federico, Professor, University of Florence, H2020-Research Project SIRIUS, Italy.
Andrei Frank, Project Officer, SOLIDAR, Belgium.
Dominika Spyratou, Project Officer, SOLIDARITY NOW, Greece.
Carmen Stadelhofer, Professor (emeritus), Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) e.V.; Danube-Civil-Society-Forums (DCSF); Institut für virtuelles und reales Lernen in der Erwachsenenbildungan der Universität Ulm (ILEU e.V.), Germany.
Member of European Parliament Tineke Strik, Member of European Parliament, European Parliament, Belgium.
Kerstin Wilde, Project Advisor, European Commission, Belgium.
Francesca della Tana, Project Officer, CIAC Onlus Parma, Italy.
Empowering citizens
Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) e.V., Eurac, Interreg Italia-Österreich, Eu-Mint H2020 Project (Amongst The 5 Finalists For The Regiostar 2019), European Commission, Horizon2020 Research Project 'Sirius - Skills and Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Applicants in European Labour Markets', Mep Tineke Strik, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
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