Bridging citizens with SMART cooperation

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Wed 7, October 2020
14:30 - 16:00 CET
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Every democratic community demands the active participation of its citizens in shaping the community. Partners will present how to examine and analyse the priorities in cities/communities using citizens' input, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology Communication, thus enabling and stimulating inclusive democratic processes. Data collected from citizens can feed into the advocacy initiatives and daily political decision making but very often the concerns are how to avoid the misuse of such information and support for example the priorities created by the citizens. During the session, we will explore some solutions on how to stimulate and help citizens build local projects and initiatives as well as the assistance of authorities or agencies in developing local and international projects. Finally, we will discuss how COVID-19 has influenced citizenship initiatives and how cities can learn from that, for example, how to engage better with citizens in emergency situations.

Borut Cink, Policy advisor, Out of the Box International, Belgium.
Dino Babić, President, European Projects Association, Belgium.
Lucia Fedrigoni, Officer, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy.
Mantas Jurgutis, President, Union of the Baltic cities, Poland.
Ivan Orović, Head of Administrative Department, Municipality of Fažana, Croatia.
Marko Paunović, Director, Out of The Box International, Belgium.
Empowering citizens
European Projects Association (EPA), Metropolitan City of Venice, Municipality of Fažana, Out of The Box International, Union of the Baltic Cities, Unioncamere del Veneto
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  • Posted by: Sergio Diana
    On: 06/10/2020 - 11:12am

    A permanent AND CONCRETE citizens INVOLVEMENT

    A permanent AND CONCRETE citizens INVOLVEMENT Recent communication experiences leading to events such as, for example, Brexit or to the advent in Europe of exacerbated nationalisms antithetical to the European Integration project, should make us reflect on the need to invest on inovative communication tools. We intend to share our idea on a constructive discussion within EWRC and, precisely, to start a reflection on whether or not to invest in a project relating to the creation of a EUROPEAN NETWORK of cities (expecially small villages of europe) with a common communication tool not only for the democratic debate but also for: ---- European integration process; -----solving social problems (not only as regards unemployment, depopulation, youth unease, etc. .. but also, for example, regarding issues such as corruption - and contributing to the improvement of living conditions and of work in our territories); -----solve global problems; ----- involve young people, with particular reference to the NEETs; -----spreading the results of research and innovation in our territories (in relation to this aspect is of particular interest a proposal that we are submitting to the attention of CORDIS );…We are looking for cities interested in joining our European/international network. To find out more please write to: info@freeuropechannel.eu