European Week of Regions and Cities
8-11 October 2018 Brussels

Accelerating R&I Excellence in High Potential Countries and Regions in Europe

October 11, 2018 from 09:30 to 11:00

The main trend in the EU-28 R&I performance is the emergence of a more nuanced divide between countries and regions. DG RTD with DG REGIO wish to gain insights into national experiences, with the aim to accelerate research and innovation performance in EU. The existing pockets of excellence can be a key driving force in Horizon Europe if better connected and developed. What key national measures beyond EU intervention can build strong national ecosystems, with a better articulation between FP and national R&I strategies? How improve the research management and administration and the responsiveness and flexibility of government? How enhance the uptake of Synergies at strategic, institutional and operational levels to ensure that coherent support of the entire R&I spectrum is the norm across EU in the Horizon Europe era?

Participatory sessions
Tina Usaj, Helena Acheson, Magda De Carli, Jan Anderson, Ulle Napa, ulle napa, Jean-David MALO
Research and innovation
European Commission - DG RTD
english (en)
Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room Hall 400