Rescaling cross-border cooperation and policies

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Tue 13, October 2020
14:30 - 16:00 CET
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Our workshop (90 mins) will be moderated by the "Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière" and will host four speakers. We will explore synergies in order to create more opportunities for improving our cross-border ecosystems. An introduction by the Grand Est region will focus on this region's cross-border challenges, addressing the need to find synergies between European policies so as to respond to new cross-border challenges. The Eurometropolis of Strasbourg will present its cross-border development strategy, presenting measures ranging from the local to the macro-regional level. Then a representative of another cross-border area will present similar approaches in an EU region. Before an interactive exchange with the attendees, DG REGIO will elaborate in its concluding remarks on how its cross-border policy papers aim to encourage synergies between different European policies while taking into account the inclusion of functional areas to enable flexibility in terms of the scale of cooperation when necessary.

Jean PEYRONY, Directeur Général, Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière, France.
Olivier Baudelet, Senior Expert ETC/better governance, DG REGIO, European Commission, Belgium.
Loic DELHUVENNE, Director, Eurometropol Lille - Kortrijk -Tournai, Belgium.
Jean-Baptiste SCHIBER, Crossborder Networks, Ville et Eurométropole de Strasbourg - Direction des Relations Européennes et Internationales, France.
Muriel TEMME, Crossborders networks, Region Grand Est - France, France.
Cohesion and Cooperation
Agence de L’Eurométropole Lille-Kortrjik-Tournai, Eurometropole de Strasbourg, European Commission, Mission opérationnelle transfrontalière (MOT), Région Grand Est
Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Français (FR)

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