European Week of Regions and Cities
8-11 October 2018 Brussels

iCapital Stories - Experimenting, Engaging, Expanding, Empowering in Cities

October 10, 2018 from 16:30 to 18:00
Cities substantially enhance innovation in Europe and improve the quality of citizens' lives. So how are they doing it, what do our communities gain from it, and what can we learn from urban role models? Join us for a deep dive in the innovation practices of the finalist cities of this year's European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) Award, as told by local innovation and business bureaux, and an overview of projects selected by the Urban Innovative Action Initiative (DG REGIO), which will shine a light on contemporary perspectives on urban innovation.
Territorial development (regional, urban, rural)
European Commission - DG RTD
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Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room 206