Governance models for climate neutrality

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Tue 20, October 2020
11:30 - 13:00 CET
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The goal of making Europe climate-neutral by 2050 put forward by the European Green Deal will only be achieved through the effective involvement of all levels of government, stakeholders and citizens. It will require the roll-out of new governance models featuring a public administration that moves beyond its traditional silo-based working methods to a more cross-cutting, integrated and citizen-driven way of working. The European Climate Pact will be a key instrument for ensuring broad societal engagement in the transition.

In the current context and in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the European Green Deal has huge potential to drive the EU's recovery efforts, restart the economy and better equip cities and regions to tackle the ongoing climate emergency.

The Covenant of Mayors' cities, towns and regions have been driving local efforts and leading climate action for many years, experimenting with innovative ways of co-creating local solutions. This session will showcase examples from climate front-runners implementing participatory models of governance with commitments and actions from different sectors of society. It will explore existing "local climate pacts" to look at how these examples can support the objective of the European Green Deal, linking up with the EU Climate Pact and the Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.

Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General, EUROCITIES, Belgium.
Minna Arve, Mayor, City Of Turku, Finland.
Charles Fournier, Vice President of the Centre Val de Loire Region dedicated to the ecologic and citizen transitions, Centre Val de Loire Region, France.
Mohamed Ridouani, Mayor, City of Leuven, Belgium.
Rafał Kazimierz Trzaskowski, President of the capital city of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland.
Green Europe
Covenant of Mayors Office - Europe, European Committee of the Regions - ENVE Commission
English (EN), Français (FR)

Session summary

Local and regional leaders shared their experience of participatory models of governance to combat climate change. For Rafal Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw and CoR EU Climate Pact rapporteur, the key is to strengthen cooperation between cities and the EU, and make EU funds available to cities. Turku halved its carbon emissions and grew its economy, involving people, creating energy-positive student housing, and offering citizens a carbon footprint calculator. The Belgian city of Leuven set up an organisation, Leuven 2030, controlled equally by stakeholder groups, to shape its climate and energy action. Charles Fournier, VP of Region Centre Val de Loire shared how setting up a regional COP created engagement with more than 44 000 citizen challenges mobilised and 250 commitments undertaken by companies and citizens. Our session also hosted the experiences of the Cape Clear Island in Ireland and the Centre Val de Loire Youth Council, represented by Máirtín Ó Méalóid and Stécy Dyvrande.

Take away message

The challenge of our times is to find ways to reach climate neutrality as fast as possible to ensure a liveable planet. Doing so needs us to work together, and share different ideas about how to do it, across all levels of governance and with the active involvement of different sectors of society. Covenant of Mayors cities and regions are experimenting with the help of their citizens and businesses, developing local climate pacts, and driving the transition forward.

"The Climate Pact should be an enabler of closer cooperation between local and regional authorities and European institutions in order to develop ideas and channel them into the EU decision-making process (..). It should act as an umbrella for existing and future initiatives."- Trzaskowski Rafal Kazimierz.

"The present silo-based form of governance, designed and developed for traditional city operations and services cannot drive an ambitious climate transition. (...) We need to co-create our policies with the relevant stakeholders and get citizens on board in their different roles." Anna Lisa Boni

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  • Posted by: Philippe RABIER
    On: 28/09/2020 - 14:46pm

    Si places qui se libèrent

    Je reste intéressé si une place se libère. Sinon j'aimerais avoir des infos sur la gouvernance à Louvain. Schéma de gouvernance, historique de la démarche. Cordialement. Philippe RABIER
    • Posted by: Eugenia Mansutti
      On: 09/10/2020 - 12:54pm

      Still some places available to register!

      There are still a few places left to register and attend this session - until 14/10