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Thu 8, October 2020
16:30 - 18:00 CET
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The lab will include statements from those involved in the model's development. The panel will include the following speakers: Domenico Lanzo, President of the NetCom Group (www.netcomgroup.eu), who will present his company's lab in Naples, in which young people and citizens express their ideas and together create new technologies to boost the development of cities. CEO Guido Cristofaro will present the work of i-talicom (italicom.net). Alfredo Troiano will present the new device to be tested in the lab. Marina Bresciani will discuss the project's sustainability and the financial opportunities to integrate European funds into the model and into the technology. Ambra Lanzo, from the NetCom Group HR office, will show in detail the Gym model created by the company. Paolo Picone will present the Communication Plan and the involvement of young people in the Conferences and Meetings to disseminate the technology and export the devices to European countries and partners participating the project. A questionnaire and a focus group will be organised during the lab and the result will be made available.

Fabiana Ferraro, Marketing and Internal Communication, NetCom Group Spa, Italy.
Ambra Lanzo, HR Office, NetCom Group Spa, Italy.
Marina Bresciani, Consultant, NetCom Group Spa, Italy.
Guido Cristofaro, CEO, I-TALICOM srl, Italy.
Domenico Lanzo, CEO, NetCom Group Spa, Italy.
Ambra Lanzo, HR Office, NetCom Group Spa, Italy.
Paolo Picone, Editor in Chief, I-TALICOM srl, Italy.
Alfredo Troiano, Technical Director, NetCom Group Spa, Italy.
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