Empowering services

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Thu 8, October 2020
09:30 - 11:00 CET
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Access to good quality services is key for economic and social inclusion as well as for maintaining and developing cohesive societies. Social services often provide an entry point into the social protection system as well as an outreach and support mechanism to other enabling services. Essential services – such as energy, transport, financial services and digital communication – complement and facilitate access to enabling services, thereby supporting basic human needs to live and function in society. The European Pillar of Social Rights reiterates the enabling role of good quality services and calls for action to support access for people in need. Through an interactive discussion and the showcasing of initiatives and collaboration from a diverse range of actors, this session aims to explore the empowering role that social and essential services play for the most vulnerable in our societies.

Monika Chaba, Policy Officer, European Commission, Poland.
Gilberto Pelosi, Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium.
Isabel Baptista, Independent social policy expert and ESPN social inclusion coordinator, European Social Policy Network, Luxembourg.
Agnes Berlakovich, Director of Social Services, City of Vienna, Austria.
Alfonso Montero, Chief Executive Officer, European Social Network, Belgium.
Maria Nyman, President, Social Services Europe, Belgium.
Empowering citizens
European Commission
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