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General info

30 January 2020: 1st Partners’ meeting (Recorded meeting | Slides)
27 May 2020: Selected Partners' Meeting (Recorded meeting | Meeting Presentation)
26 June 2020: 3rd Partners' Meeting (Recorded meeting | Meeting Presentation)

PDF icon EURegionsWeek 2020 selected partners

For detailed information partners are invited to carefully read
the PDF icon EURegionsWeek 2020 guide for event partners .

Guidelines for a virtual session

To help you plan your virtual Workshop, Q&A, Talk, Pitch and Participatory Lab, partners are invited to carefully read the
PDF icon EURegionsWeek 2020 guidelines for a virtual session

Manage your session in CMS

The Content Management System allows you to edit your session content, to add your speakers and moderators. Access will be possible as of 26 June 2020, via the email address provided in the application form.

Branding guidelines and templates

To mark each annual edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities, its new focus and priorities, a new branding scheme is defined every year, with a fresh combination of colours and related rules for the insertion of logos, texts, etc. The PDF icon EURegionsWeek 2020 branding guidelines are the key references for any partner involved in branding material or event's publications.

To promote their sessions, Partners are authorized to use the:

The EC logo should be placed on the right side and the CoR logo on the left side and should have the same visual weight. The partner logos can be integrated at the bottom of each template and should be aligned in the center of the footer box.


European Commission, DG Regio: EURegionsweek@ec.europa.eu
European Committee of the Regions: EURegionsweek@cor.europa.eu
Secretariat: partners@euregionsweek.eu