#TheFutureIsYours at the #EURegionsWeek2021

The EURegionsWeek contributes to the ongoing debate on democracy and citizens' engagement and has a special link with the Conference on the Future of Europe. As an unprecedented citizens-focused, bottom-up exercise, the Conference aims at giving Europeans a greater say on what they expect from the European Union. It is open to European citizens from all walks of life, with young Europeans playing a central role in it, civil society, regional and local authorities.

Thanks to its unique experience and direct links with the territory, Cohesion policy has a special role to play in this debate. Not only is it well placed to make the voice of citizens and local communities be heard at EU level, but it has a lot to share in terms of innovative and vibrant ideas: green and digital transitions, stronger and more resilient economy, social fairness and inclusion, health, youth, culture and education, authentic and meaningful participation of citizens.

Partners and side event organisers are encouraged to register their events in the context of the #EURegionsWeek as events of the Conference, on the Multilingual Digital Platform. This will not only give your events additional visibility (in all 24 EU languages) among potential participants but will give them possibility to contribute concretely to the debate on shaping the future of Europe. Registration is easy and straightforward. This guide explains how to do it, step by step. Here you can find more information on how you can get involved.

Your active involvement is key for the success of this transnational democratic exercise, adding your own experience, point of view and proposals. #TheFutureIsYours!