European 2020 strategy: reducing urban poverty through design

One of the five points of the EU strategy is to reduce urban poverty across its member states. The goal for 2020 is to lower the cases of people who are at risk of poverty or social exclusion by 20 million.

In Europe, there is a noticeable division between rich and poor regions. The difference in the way that regions are developed can be seen within just a few miles.

The next World Design Capital for 2020 is Lille Metropole. For the first time, the WDC project is not only aimed at developing one city but a whole metropolis. Lille Metropole is a region with big economic differences. Back in 2004, Lille was the capital of European culture, but it is surrounded by brown fields and the industry. That is why the area is currently experiencing a social and economic crisis. Lille Metropole is not just city of Lille. The region includes 90 cities and population of more than one million people. The impact of this project will affect a lot of people. The decision-makers promise they will change metropolis through design.

Every two years the cities from all over the world showcase their best practices in urban design policy. During this one, entrepreneurs, local authorities, cultural and educational stakeholders have gathered to enhance the appearance of the French metropolis. This will balance regional differences and promote the metropolis not only locally, but on a global level too. It will strengthen the economic, social, cultural and environmental development.

The initiative “Let’s POC together!” invites people from all around the world to participate in the process of developing the urban area of Lille Metropole with their ideas and creative thinking. Designers, culture professionals and citizens are welcome to share their ideas.

This project is an important part of the European structure and future. The EU policy continues to improve people’s daily lives and makes a positive difference in terms of recognizing and investing in regional culture.

Written by: Anelia Georgieva

Edited by: Bruna Tomsic