European Week of Regions and Cities
7-10 OCTOBER 2019 Brussels

Visual Identity

Branding guidelines

The generic branding guidelines (pdf) define the rules for an appropriate and coherent use of the European Week of Regions and Cities visual identity by the various organisers and partners. This chart is a useful guidance for the preparation of event-related products and support material.

Each annual edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities takes into account the political context and includes a specific slogan. This is why a new branding scheme is defined each year, with a fresh combination of colours and related rules for the insertion of logos, texts, etc. The 2018 branding guidelines (pdf) are the key references for any partner involved in branding material or event's publications.

The European Week style guide (pdf) clarifies writing rules, e.g. that one should write 'Structural Funds' and 'cooperation' instead of 'structural funds' and 'co-operation', as well as copyright issues.

Logos and branding image

Package iconEURegionsWeek 2018 logo

Package iconEURegionsWeek 2018 local events logo

PDF iconEURegionsWeek 2018 colour codes

PDF iconEURegionsWeek 2018 branding image

PDF iconEURegionsWeek 2018 map poster

PDF iconEURegionsWeek 2018 photo poster

EURegionsWeek 2018 visuals and video