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European Week of Regions and Cities


The specific list of cookies used by this Website is as follows:

Cookie name

Own / Third party




Keep the user's session. Default expiration time: 1 hour from the start of the session


EU Cookie Compliance

Determine the acceptance of the cookies themselves.
It is used to know if the user accepts the storage of cookies in their browser.
Default expiration time: 2 months from the beginning of the session



Indicate when the visitor browser has JavaScript enabled. 
The main purpose of this cookie is: Functionality.
Commonly associated with the Drupal content management system. Drupal uses this cookie to indicate if the visitor browser has enabled JavaScript.
Expires at the end of the session.


This cookie determines if a numeric weight is displayed when a table is dragged.
This cookie expires after 23 days from the date of the session.

ewrc_stick_to_httpsOwnStore information about encrypted pages.


Open Analytics Platform

Used to distinguish the PIWIK identifier.
This cookie must be set in a mandatory way for the correct functioning of PIWIK. Default expiration time: 1 year from the start of the session


Open Analytics Platform

Used to determine new sessions / visits. 
The main purpose of this cookie is: Performance.
It is used to know the time that the user spends on our page and the number of pages he visits, or what is the same as the visits / sessions of the visits last. By default this cookie expires after 30 minutes, although this time can be modified by setting the variable_setSessionCookieTimeout at the time you want, the time is set in milliseconds.

__Secure-ECAS_SESSIONIDEU LoginEU Login Session ID.
ECAS_PREFSEU LoginUsed by EU Login service.


EU LoginUsed by EU Login service, store domain name.

For more information, please see the Europa cookies page.