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European Week of Regions and Cities

2021 Results

Reforest Action Certificate

Reforest Action Certificate

Post satisfaction survey summary

The EURegionsWeek organizers thank all who replied to the ex post satisfaction survey.

We are glad to note a slight majority of newcomers to the #EURegionsWeek 2021 amongst the respondents (54% new attendees versus 46% who already attended one or several past editions).

Key results of the survey (the scale for replies ranks from 1 - poor satisfaction to 10 -great satisfaction):

  • 89,15% ranked the overall appreciation of the event 7/10 and above
  • The technical setting and the digital solutions were appreciated by a large majority of the respondents, in particular:
  • 88,7% expressed great satisfaction of the new registration platform.
  • 94,17% (of participants) and 81,27% (of partners/speakers/moderators) appreciated the easier registration this year (Swapcard)
  • 91,56% liked the my agenda feature though the calendar export should be improved
  • Slido was very appreciated: 86,20 %
  • Content wise, almost 92%  of participants evaluated 7/10 and above the quality of sessions, as the profiles of speakers and moderators were also high rated
  • Networking:
    • participants: 74,54% appreciated the networking features
    • partners: 60,16% found it useful
  • The overall appreciation of the event scored in the top 4 (7/10 and above) for 89,15% of the respondents while the likelihood to recommend the event scored 91,81%!

Despite good figures and some positive comments about the virtual format of this year edition, 88,48% wish to go back to a physical event, illustrating the general fatigue with online events and the lack of physical interaction and human to human networking. The no show rate is always higher in virtual events and session organisers can have sometimes the feeling to have made a big effort for sometimes a very small audience actually connecting for their session.

This fatigue with all things digital also affects the relative lack of attraction for the online interactive exhibition:

  • only 75,31% of participants rated it 7 and above (3,53% rated it 1/10 only)
  • partners rated it even lower: 62,15% rated it 7 and above (2,79% rated it 1/10 only)

As a point of comparison, the physical exhibition space or Agora Village back in 2019 attracted excellent or good scores for 85,28% of respondents to the online survey conducted after that edition.

Last but not least, here are the emerging topics suggested for the next edition:

  • Green (with 387 related entries),
  • The natural Territorial Cohesion cluster (totalling 226 entries around urban, social, cohesion, regional, cross-border related entries)  
  • Digital (with 205 related entries)
  • and Youth (86 related entries ahead of 2022 European Year of Youth).

The organisers will take into account all your precious feedback to shape the next edition 2022.





Read the full survey results:

Most popular session and stand by theme

  1. Cohesion
    Most popular session: The role and future perspectives of cohesion policy in the planning of metropolitan areas and cities.
    Most popular stand: DG REGIO
  2. Green transition
    Most popular session: The New European Bauhaus and its relevance for citizens – Shaping a more beautiful future in Europe
    Most popular stand: CINEA - Funding a greener future for Europe
  3. Digital transition
    Most popular session: Smaller and Medium-sized Cities - Challenges and solutions to scaling up the digital transformation Most popular stand: NADINE: The e-platform for migrant inclusio
  4. Citizens engagement
    Most popular session: Enabling Smart Villages Policies for Rural Recovery
    Most popular stand: EEA Grants Work-Life Balance Programme in Portugal


On 11 October, during the Citizen’s dialogue, Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Regional Policy and Reforms, kicked off the so-called #VoiceOfTheWeek survey. The aim was clear: take the pulse of European citizens on the four main topics of the #EURegionsWeek (cohesion, green transition, digital transition and citizens’ engagement) to feed the Conference on the #FutureOfEurope. The 1323 replies gathered from the event’s participants in four days provide important insights into these topics.

Access the results: