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European Commission


Brussels, 26 May 2014

Statement of President Barroso on the outcome of the 2014 European Parliament elections

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso has made the following statement on the outcome of the 2014 European Parliament elections:

"Citizens across the European Union have exercised their democratic right and made their voice count in the European Parliament elections. I thank all those who have voted.

The outcomes differ significantly between Member States. These differences reflect our Union's mix of a pan-European political debate with specific national agendas. As a consequence, all political leaders at national and European level must reflect on their responsibilities following this election.

When assessing the results, the fact that this election follows the biggest financial, economic and ultimately social crisis in decades must be kept in mind. It is extremely important that the political forces that led and supported the essential steps in the Union's joint crisis response, notably the political forces represented in the European Commission, have overall won once again. They are indeed those with the biggest representation in the new European Parliament. Results show that a very solid and workable majority in the European Parliament is possible. These political forces do not agree on each and every policy detail, but they share a fundamental consensus for Europe that should now be reinforced.

Conditions are there for a solid support for a European Union that remains united and open whilst seeking to be stronger. Standing together as Europeans is indispensable for Europe to shape a global order where we can defend our values and interests. This is the moment to come together and to define the Union's way forward. The concerns of those who voted in protest or did not vote are best addressed through decisive political action for growth and jobs, and through a truly democratic debate.

I am confident that the overwhelming majority of the Members of the European Parliament elected today will meet this challenge and seize this unique opportunity to deliver tangible benefits for the European citizens. It is now of the essence to have a clear understanding on political priorities for the next political cycle, so that a proper institutional transition according to the treaty rules demonstrates the Union's capacity to act. I expect the results of this election to be respected in the decisions taken by all the European institutions, namely the European Council and the European Parliament".

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